How To Tell If Your Site Has Been Hacked

With the increased growth of technology, a large number of people have gained a lot of IT skills across the world.

Not all IT experts are good and honest as some are using what they have to hack various websites and commit other cyber crimes. Many hackers across the world are running unauthorized advertisements and doing many other malicious things on other peoples and businesses websites. As a business person, you should be able to know when your website is hacked so as to take the right measures to fix the problem and avoid a lot of damages. There are some changes you will start noticing on your website after being hacked and by this, you will easily be able rectify the problem without leading to many or huge losses. By taking note of the following points, you can easily tell that hackers have accessed your website and by this you will be able to take the right measures to prevent more damage.

It is very important to make sure that your websites speed is always high and in case of low speed rates, you should try to check for threats as hacking can lead to very serious site slowdowns on your website. The hackers inject additional codes to the websites and other unnecessary information and thus resulting to low speed rates.

The other thing that can help you know that your website has been hacked is the presence of the unapproved ads on your site. The more the ads on the website, the more effective the advertisements are and the more money the hackers get and thus the reason why they add unapproved ads on the websites. You should not let your sites password to remain unchanged in case of extra ads on it that are not approved and for a better website, you should also contact your web host. The other thing that can help you know that your website is hacked is when you get notifications through search console.

It is very important to make sure that you take immediate actions in case of any threat to your website as this can help you prevent your site from losing its search engine raking. In case your web host takes some action on your website, this should notify you that something wrong has happened to the site and this can be a cyber crime. Creation of unauthorized super users on your website can lead to a lot of negative changes on the site which can completely affect the site and thus important to be very keen of any unnecessary super user on your site as this is also a sign of hacking on the site. In case of odd code blocks on your website, you should consult your web developer as this can greatly affect your business at large.

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