Discover The Benefits of Undertaking a Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause comes with many changes and weight loss is one of the changes most women experience due to change in the levels of hormones. Some of the symptoms of menopause may include bladder problems, hot flashes, dry skin, sleeplessness, and vaginal dryness. Undergoing a treatment known as hormone replacement therapy can help relieve these symptoms. In this kind of therapy, women receive hormone such as estrogen and progesterone in pills, vaginal creams or skin patches. Research has proved that the therapy is good for women since it prevents them from suffering from osteoporosis and also helps the women live longer.

This therapy is also ideal for women who have gone through a hysterectomy. Doctors, however, need to know that the women have undergone hysterectomy since progesterone is not administered to such women. Many women and even men can attest that they have found hormone therapy very helpful.Basically, there are two types of therapies that can be administered. The ways in which the hormone may be administered are either estrogen alone or a combination of progesterone and estrogen. Women who undergo estrogen therapy receive a low quantity of estrogen to relieve the symptoms that come with menopause.On the other hand, during the estrogen-progesterone therapy, patients receive a combined dose of progesterone and estrogen. Hormone replacement therapy is mostly administered for some weeks every month.

Although weight loss is cited as one of the major benefits of hormone therapy, most people do not appreciate how the therapy can help them lose weight. Basically, few years to menopause a woman is likely to have low hormone levels. The women are therefore likely to have the desire of feeding on food rich in sugar. Another body change that takes place when women approach menopause is that their bodies produce low estrogen and they begin using the estrogen preserved in fat cells. Similarly, testosterone level lowers causing a reduction in lean muscles. Lean muscle is essential in helping the body burn fat. This implies that lower lean muscles contribute to high-fat accumulation that in turn leads to high weight.

The weight gained during menopause is attributed to hormone imbalances and it is not easy to shed it. Hormone replacement therapy is the only remedy the women can use to ensure a reduction in their weight. Women should consider the state of their body, and counsel of their therapies to enable them to choose the most ideal therapy between the two type of therapies mentioned earlier.It is imperative to note that most women suffer from cardiovascular risks at menopause due to weight gain. Studies have proven that undertaking a hormonal replacement therapy is essential in helping women lose weight.

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