Signs Which Indicate You Are Suffering from Burnout

Unresolvable stress in the workplace results to a physical and psychological condition known as burnout. After catching burnout, you become more stressed, and this results in depression. Reports indicate that physicians, social workers, teachers, and police officers have the highest rates of burnout. Researchers have indicated that cases of burnout are expected to go higher. Many employees don’t realize that they are dealing with burnout and this leads to more severe health problems. Untreated burnout may result to chronic heart illnesses and mental illnesses. Below are the common signs and symptoms of these severe conditions.

The most common symptom of burnout is exhaustion of the body. In the workplace, those suffering from burnout have difficulties in remaining active. An employee who is yawning a lot in the job place may be suffering from exhaustion. Caffeine if not treatment for exhaustion.

Feeling frustrated and short tempered is also another sign of burnout. An employee who is suffering from burnout hates his/her job although initially he/she was very active. Frustration in job places is normal but regular, or continued frustration show that you may be suffering from occupational burnout which is more dangerous. If you become short-tempered, you should know that you may be suffering from occupational burnout.

People who are suffering from burnout have reduced motivation. A lot of workers in the health sector have lowered their performance after falling into burnout. If you notice that you have changed and no longer have good relationships with your fellow employees, you may be suffering from burnout.

Reduces workplace performance is also a sign of burnout. Brain exhaustion and physical fatigue will lead to poor time management such as getting late to work, laziness and poor social skills hence your occupational performance will go down. If your boss discovers that your performance has reduced, you need to find a solution to the burnout.

If you have cognitive difficulties, you may be suffering from occupational burnout. Occupational burnout has been proven to cause poor memory, reduced production and a lot of confusion. If you also find that the simple responsibilities have become challenging, you may have fallen into the burnout hole. Many employees have lost their jobs because of untreated burnout which leads to poor memory.

Employees suffering from burnout have poor health. You may catch the disease as a result of burnout in your workplace. Since the immune system will not be working appropriately because of burnout, a person will be susceptible to illnesses.

Employees who have fallen into the trap of burnout are always thinking about their work. Occupational burnout leads to an inability to stop thinking about job tasks and responsibilities.

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