Some Things that You Need to Understand About the Immigration Bonds

The immigration bonds are often not discussed when talking of bail bonds. When you aren’t an immigrant, then you won’t need this kind of specialized bond nor you will need a bail bond agency which actually specializes in the immigration. When you are one natural citizen, then you won’t need such services of the Immigration and Naturalization Service or the INS in order to help bail you from this problem.

Those immigration bonds are certainly issued by the Department of Immigration and Naturalization Service to such bail bond agents who are licensed to bond those immigrants to the United States. This is not any type of license. This is given by the INS for the bail agency that knows those inner workings as well as risks associated with the immigrants. There have been studies which have shown that the immigrants from particular countries are actually more likely to run and also force the bail enforcement agent to try tracking them down.

There are a couple of ways in which a bond is being posted. The first thing would be the cash bond in which the immigrant will be the one to put up the whole amount. There is also through the bail agency in which they are the ones who will guarantee the bond and this would require some percentage of the bond to be considered a fee.

If there is such higher risk of running, then there will be a bigger bond and also a bigger percentage and this isn’t refundable as well. When the immigrant promises to appear to court on the day scheduled, then issues can be prevented.

However, there is one thing which needs attention when you are dealing with the INS. Just because of the fact that the immigrant got arrested doesn’t actually mean that they are going to be deported at once to their home country. This actually depends on the degree of the crime and if one is really in the US legally.

There is a greater chance that if they have been in the country illegally, they could get deported. Just like with the American citizens, the immigrants are innocent until their guilt is proven.

Because the immigration bonds are considered to be a specialized form of bond, then it certainly takes a person who is familiar with the laws of that Immigration and Naturalization Service to be able to write the bond. Moreover, the INS may have to point such immigrant to the agencies as well as attorneys who are really familiar with these laws and to help them out when they get in trouble with the law.

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