Know Some Encouraging Bible Verses

Whatever is our age, sex, moral beliefs, cultural background, we are presented in life with so many struggles. As our greatest option to be able to contend with the trials, stress and tribulations of life, we can look for encouragement and inspiration in the words found in the bible verses.

Trusting the Lord with all your heart is one encouragement that you can find in a proverb of the bible. Whatever are the uncertainties for both our work and personal life, the bible verses can give us answers. Whatever problem we find difficult to understand, bible verses will tell you that the Lord has answer to this.

We can therefore ponder on some thoughts as we read through these bible verses.

One thought that we can ponder is the seeking of the counsel of God. To live a godly life is not an easy task or nor a natural thing for any of us, and neither is to submit to the Father’s will. On the other hand, we are comforted with the thought that we can follow His teachings and we can please Him by living a life that is based on His guidance. We should be encouraged with the thought that any question we have in life, answers can be found in bible verses.

It is a good attitude to be aware and being able to listen to God. This means you give attention to how the Lord is giving your direction so that you walk and remain with Him. It is therefore important to get in the habit of reading the encouraging words or bible verses.

Another wonderful bible verse is to observe God’s help and provision because the Lord could be specific on what He desires for you and what He wants your life to achieve. This means that if you have a challenging path ahead of you, God would want to help you and He wants you to have faith and be dependent on Him.

To focus on the character of God, and not on your circumstances, is another wisdom of a bible verse. As you heed this bible verse, you will not have to dwell on your problems but rather have the tool to face the trials you are facing, with the knowledge that He will keep His promises.

We are encouraged to meditate on bible verses because this is the way that God would want us to be successful, and by doing so we are clinging to His words and thus cultivate a godlike life.

Know that God is absolutely faithful in keeping His promises and let us not have question or doubt about this.

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