The Deaths of Young Celebrities That Left Everyone in Shock

Heath Ledger’s death who was a superior actor at twenty eight years shocked a lot of people in the world. Ledger acted several movies and one major one was Ten Things I Hate about You. People were shocked with the death of Heath since they had started seeing his good work in movie filming but before he could exploit his full potential he met his ultimate death. Heath succumbed to death after he took an overdose of a drug concoction that resulted into cardiac arrest.

Just at the age of twenty, Phoenix had acquired much. He acted so many movies that were worth watching. Just at the age of 23 years, he passed on the sidewalks of a night club. Drug overdose was also pointed as the cause of death.
Brittany Murphy is yet another young celebrity who died prematurely. She was a very beautiful, charming and humorous actress who acted several movies where she made each movie more captivating. Some of the movies that were acted by Brittany are 8 Mile and Clueless. Britany died of pneumonia when she was at the age of 32 years old. Her wedded husband also died of pneumonia six months after her burial. There were several wrongful death information that emerged concerning the deaths of these two which was almost at the same time.

Paul Walker is another celebrity who died in an accident that involved a car. Paul was an actor who was a legend and he acted some most interesting movies for instance Fast and Furious. He died together with a friend of his just at the age of forty years. It was Paul’s friend who was driving when they died in that car accident.

You will discover that Sharon Tate was a young star who also died in a very cruel way. Sharon was a star who was upcoming when it came to the Hollywood movies. She was brutally murdered by the followers of Charles Masons monarchy. She was the beloved wife of Roman Polanski who is a director when she met her death. Sharon was brutally killed when she was eight and a half months pregnant.

John Lennon is yet another celebrity who must be remembered for the good work that he did while still alive. Lennon was a good figure when it came to the music industry and he died by a gun just outside his home in New York city. John Lennon was just 40 years when he was painfully killed by a gunshot at his home. It was Mark David that shot John Lennon.